Framed by WDET: Sundays at the Carpet House

“Just smile, be happy, and the people will treat you just like down south… this is down-up-north hospitality.” – Dianna Lawrence, Carpet House attendee


Amy Sacka

Framed by WDET is an audio-visual experience, produced in partnership with 18 artists, who tell the story of moments and spaces where people come together and find belonging in Detroit.

In the feature, Sundays at the Carpet House, WDET producer Laura Herberg and photographer Amy Sacka welcome us to John’s Carpet House, a weekly grassroots music jam on Detroit’s east side.



Conversations with a kaleidoscope of personalities and dynamic black and white photos of blues artists, barbecue, and dancing grandmas, tell the story of the Carpet House, where keeping the peace is supreme and familial, jovial fun is inevitable. In this story from 2015, called “Southern,” attendees describe the southern feels and traditions permeating the weekly gathering.

Framed by WDET continues to evolve, and this year we’re partnering with Grand Circus Magazine to bring this series of stories and photographs to life in a photo book and gallery exhibition. Learn how you can support WDET and back this project at
To hear more about John’s Carpet House, click the audio player above.