New Documentary Tracks Michigan Families Through Fraught Political Times

“Why does it have to be Democrat vs. Republican? It’s almost like a gang… People are affected by this turf war.”

Jake Neher/WDET

We’ve talked a lot about how Michigan was a bellwether state during the 2016 presidential election; a state that thought it knew what it was, only to learn that it’s shifting social and economic sands made for an unreliable foundation for any political party to build.

And we’ve learned that the things that divide us — fiercely, at times — are born of the same root causes.

Economic uncertainty. Crumbling school systems. Eroding infrastructure. Lack of investment in health and well-being and quality of life.

And yet, though we experience similar challenges in Michigan, our perspectives on that strife makes us perhaps even more dug in to our opposing viewpoints. We place blame on different outside forces — based on party, ideology, or even race.

In his final State of the State speech even Governor Rick Snyder opined he worries about the future of our state and nation as cordiality and common ground have given way to base and vile treatment of one another.

It’s those divisions in Michigan that are the focus on a new documentary from Bridge Magazine and the Center for Michigan called “Michigan Divided”.

“Why does it have to be Democrat vs. Republican? It’s almost like a gang,” resident Marlando Wade tells Michigan Divided. “People are affected by this turf war.”


To hear from producer Ron French and director Al Lilly on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.


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