Guys from ‘Under the Radar Michigan’ on New Book, Best Spring Spots in the Mitten

“Under the Radar Michigan — The Next 50” comes out March 27.

Laura Weber Davis/WDET

It’s that time of year — Spring Break! And even if you’re not taking a break and going somewhere, maybe you’re starting to think about places you’d like to visit this year.

It’s more likely than not you’re going to spend some time in the warmer months exploring our own beautiful state.

Luckily, we in Michigan have a team of guys who devote their public television program to finding the places and people that make Michigan so special. Under the Radar Michigan airs on PBS, with host Tom Daldin and executive producer Jim Edelman.

Daldin and Edelman join Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson to talk about their favorite spring spots in the Mitten. 

They also talk about their new book “Under the Radar Michigan — The Next 50,” which takes a look at their travels and adventures while filming the show. The book comes out March 27.

“[Readers] can follow along with our adventures and go to the same restaurants, parks, great hikes, interesting people — it’s all in the book,” says Daldin.

Henderson puts the co-creators of UTR on the spot with a series of hard-hitting questions about favorite spots in Michigan. Here are their responses:

What’s the best roadside attraction in Michigan that’s off the beaten path?

Tom’s pick: Sea Shell City (Cheboygan)
Daldin: “Fascinating place…they have a 500 lb. man-eating clam in there! It chased me out of the store!”
Edelman: “It’s just the shell…they made chowder.”

Jim’s pick: Kitch-iti-kipi, Michigan’s largest natural fresh water spring (Manistique)
Edelman: “It’s not a roadside attraction, but it is part of a park and it is something that you have to see.”
Daldin: “You’ve heard of Weeki Wachee? Well, Kitch-iti-kipi is harder to say and spell…The water is so crystal clear it looks like you’re floating on the air.”

What’s the best taco place in Michigan?

La Taqueria San Jose (Grand Rapids)
Daldin: “Best taco ever made by a human being…It’s a little hole in the wall, but it’s a great little place.”
Edelman: “I’m also willing to continue the search for the world’s best tacos. So, we’re not stopping there.”

What’s the best pizza place in Michigan?

Jim’s pick: Tomatoes APIZZA (Farmington)
Edelman: “I like thin crust… But you’ve got so many styles here.”

Tom’s pick: Supino Pizzeria (Detroit)
Daldin: “That’s great pizza.”
Edelman: “Stouffer’s french bread pizza, that’s your favorite.”

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Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation with Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman.


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