New Website ‘’ Creates a Communications Hub for Professionals

“If our cards align, we’re going to be able to help magnify that story of Detroit globally,” says website founder Ivana Kalafatic.

A new Detroit-based website,, is a communications hub for professionals who are looking for ways to have an impact on the city through culture, design and other mediums.

It also aspires to shine a light, using journalism, on some of the area’s most pressing issues.

In a recent article on the website, journalist Mary Chapman explores the big business behind sex trafficking across the nation and here in southeast Michigan.

Chapman speaks with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson about her article and how sex trafficking manifests itself in the Detroit area. She says while sex trafficking is present in every Michigan county, the numbers in Detroit are especially high as new businesses and people come to the city.

“One of the flip sides of all the success of Detroit has to do with how conducive some of the good things are, to unfortunately, foment the growth of sex trafficking because you have the class divisions that are becoming more and more apparent,” Chapman says. 

Ivana Kalafatic, the founder of, also joins the program to talk about the new website. 

“There’s pretty fantastic stories that are happening in the local market that have relevance on a global scale,” she says. “If our cards align, we’re going to be able to help magnify that story of Detroit globally.” 

Click on the audio player above for the full conversation. 


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