Star Wars Exhibition Examines “The Power of Costume”

An upcoming exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts will offer a chance to view relics from a galaxy far, far away.

Whether you’re a fan of the latest “Star Wars” film, or prefer the ‘70s original, there will be reason to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts when a traveling exhibition stops off in Detroit. While the exhibition doesn’t come to Detroit until May 2018, it does give local fans something to look  forward to while waiting for the next installment of the film saga to come out. Elliot Wilhelm is the Curator of Film at the DIA and the Director of the Detroit Film Theater. He’s curating this film-inspired exhibition, and says it will offer visitors a chance to view costumes from the seven of the “Star Wars” films, along with original concept drawings by George Lucas. Wilhelm says that he saw the first “Star Wars” film on its opening day back in 1977. He says one of the best parts of seeing it in a theater was sitting in front of the giant screen, and plugging into the narrative.