NPR Reporter Don Gonyea Talks About Calls on John Conyers to Resign

The NPR correspondent says Congressman Conyers’ constituents are torn on whether or not he should resign.

Laura Weber-Davis/WDET

Calls for Michigan Congressman John Conyers to resign are growing after multiple women have come forward accusing him of sexual harassment.

In a wide-ranging interview with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson, Marion Brown, a former employee of Conyers, described working in the Congressman’s office. She said he propositioned her for sex on multiple occasions and created an atmosphere in the office where the mostly-female staff was encouraged to compete for his affection.

Click here to hear that interview with Marion Brown on Detroit Today.

NPR National Political Correspondent Don Gonyea has been in Detroit this week covering the Conyers story. He joins Detroit Today to talk more about the situation surrounding Conyers. 

Gonyea spent a lot of time talking with people who live in Conyers’ district where there were mixed feelings about the Congressman’s legacy. Some think Conyers should step down, but there was also a strong showing of support for the Congressman. 

“You get a lot of support for John Conyers among the people who know John Conyers best…they’ve sent him to Washington election, after election, after election,” says Gonyea. “It’s complicated, but generally speaking I’d say, you know, support for him.” 

Gonyea also speaks about how the Conyers situation fits into the larger story about sexual harassment in Washington D.C. and Hollywood. 

“Ultimately, it feels to me like this is just another important piece of a story that we’re going to be talking about for a long time to come.” 

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