Michigan Political Group Works to End Gerrymandering

A proposal to end gerrymandering in Michigan could appear on the November 2018 ballot.

A Michigan political group is working to put a proposal on the November 2018 ballot that would end gerrymandering in the state.

Michigan lawmakers currently have the power to create state legislative district boundaries.

Voters Not Politicians spokesperson Katie Fahey says allowing legislators to select their voters makes it harder to unelect them.

“We have a lot of packing of people with similar political beliefs,” Fahey says. “But also, some people think that there is some racial – even—packing and cracking that’s going on in those districts that make it so that people’s voices can’t be heard fairly.”

Fahey says the legislature rarely takes action on popular issues because gerrymandering allows representatives to ignore voters’ concerns.

She says in order to see actual change in Michigan…all voices need to be heard. 

Voters Not Politicians will host a redistricting reform town hall on Wednesday at the Wilder Branch Library.