Detroit Rapper L.A.Z. Goes Solo

“I was in a discovery zone,” L.A.Z. says. “I was doing a lot stuff I had never done.”

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Detroit rapper L.A.Z. first made a name for himself as a member of Clear Soul Forces, one of the motor city’s premier underground hip hop groups of the last five years.

Even with the success of Clear Soul Forces, it was time for L.A.Z. to branch out and record a solo project.

The result is No Paperwork, a reflective and thought-provoking EP featuring L.A.Z.’s measured, baritone flow, and a provocative cover art photo of the rapper burning a dollar bill.

WDET’s Gus Navarro speaks with the Detroit MC about the inspiration for No Paperwork and what he learned from recording a solo project. 

For L.A.Z., making music is all about “letting people know your truth so that’s what I try to do.” 

During the process of recording the albumL.A.Z. had just quit is day job and started to focus on music full time. 

“I was in a discovery zone,” he says. “I was doing a lot stuff I had never done.” 

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