This Historic Barn is Looking for a New Home

Oakland County offers 150+ year-old barn for sale

Oakland County plans to sell a barn that could date back 185 years. But there’s a catch to the sale, the buyer has to move it to another location. The Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission acquired the “Ernst Barn” as part of a 2009 Waterford area property acquisition. Parks Commission Executive Officer, Dan Stencil, says keeping the barn in the county would be ideal. 

“Find a location for the barn that it can be repurposed somewhere within the county. Ideally. It will involve some process of disassembly and then re-erection on their property” -Dan Stencil


It’s estimated that the barn had been built around 1830. Stencil says the large structure is a combination of English and Bank style barns. 

Oakland County

Oakland County

Oakland County



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