Dames of Thrones: the Ladies Rule the Show that Rules Our Lives

It’s a lady’s world, these dragons are just living in it.


It may not be the best show to ever grace the small screen, but Game of Thrones has reached a pop-culture status few television programs have realized.

HBO’s fantasy series based on the medieval-inspired novels by author George R.R. Martin has been the subject of numerous fan theories, online debates, and water-cooler obsession.

We are no different here at WDET.

Producer Laura Weber-Davis gathered together two of her fellow Game of Thrones nerds — Detroit Free Press opinion writer Nancy Kaffer and WDET Marketing Director Candice Fortman — to talk about the role of feminist themes on a show dominated by strong female characters. Laura, Nancy and Candice also discuss the recent dragon-action on GoT, and discuss the possible fate of the dragons in the series.

They call their meeting “Dames of Thrones”.

A warning: the discussion includes spoilers, and a conversation about the role of sexual violence in the series.

To hear the conversation, please click on the audio player above.



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