Stephen Henderson, Nolan Finley Reflect on Unlikely Friendship

“We might disagree bitterly… but it’s never driven by disrespect or hatred.”

Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson 6.30.17-jn

Jake Neher/WDET

There aren’t many two-newspaper towns remaining in the United States. Detroit is one of them. One thing that is certainly unique about Detroit’s newspaper landscape is the relationship between the editorial page editors of those two papers.

Stephen Henderson leads the Detroit Free Press’ traditionally left-leaning editorial page. Nolan Finley leads the Detroit News’ traditionally right-leaning editorial page. The two have very different views when it comes to politics. Although they are rivals in a number of ways, they are also close friends. 

On the surface, it seems Henderson and Finley have very different backgrounds and experiences.

But they also find many commonalities in their upbringings and careers.

What leads two opinion journalists with such different political outlooks to a strong friendship?

Henderson and Finley sat down together as part of StoryCorps‘ trip to Detroit to talk about their backgrounds and relationship.

Click on the audio player above to hear the conversation.


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