Brown Recluse Spider Spins its Web Throughout Most Southeast Michigan Counties

Entomologist confirms presence in all but three SE Counties

News of a nasty arachnid  that’s made its way to Michigan is prompting hundreds of residents to send pictures of spiders to Michigan State University.

Earlier this year MSU Entomologist Howard Russell confirmed the presence of Brown Recluse spiders in several Southeast Michigan counties. Russell says that caused a web of reports from what he calls “citizen scientists” 

“Almost like citizen science where people conducted a survey of spiders they found in their homes. And only three of them turned out to be Recluse. One was in Lenawee, one was in Genesse and another one was in Livingston”    

– Howard Russell


Russell says he has confirmed the presence of Brown Recluse spiders in most counties in Southeast Michigan except Wayne, Macomb and Saint Clair. He says although the spider bite can cause some pain and swelling, only 3% of people have a serious reaction. 


  • Amy Miller
    Amy has been working in public and commercial radio for the last 30 yrs. She is an award winning reporter and news anchor, born and raised in Detroit.