Detroit Mayoral Candidate Coleman Young II: ‘We Need Leadership’ [VIDEO]

The Democratic state Senator from Detroit joins Detroit Today to talk about challenging Mayor Mike Duggan.

Jake Neher/WDET

There is a familiar name running for mayor against Mike Duggan in Detroit, Coleman Young II. The son of former Detroit mayor Coleman Young is a state senator who’s been representing the city at the state Capitol for over a decade. Senator Young is now running a campaign for mayor as a sort-of outsider with insider knowledge. He says Duggan’s administration focuses too much on the success of elites in downtown and midtown Detroit, and not enough on poverty-stricken neighborhoods. But Young is also running on his family name and success of Detroit’s first black mayor. 

State Sen. Coleman Young II joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to discuss reasons why he is running for mayor and policies he would pursue if elected. 

Young says the reasons he is running for mayor are the city’s high poverty rate, as well as widespread water shutoffs and foreclosures. 

“What is the purpose of having power if you don’t serve the powerless?” says Young.

He describes the specific policies he would focus on if elected mayor. 

“Auto insurance, I think that we should stop basing people rates based on their credit. Stop basing peoples rates based on their zip code,” he says. “I also think that we should change the definition of excessive. Right now a rate can only be excessive if competition exists… I also think that we should roll back rates by 65%… I also believe that the insurance commissioner should be elected.” 

Young concedes many of his policy priorities would have to be dealt with on the state level. He says his experience in the state Legislature makes him qualified to lobby on behalf of Detroiters at the state Capitol.

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