What Music Have You Discovered on 101.9 WDET? Let Us Know.

Tell us about your latest driveway moment: What song, album or artists did you discover on 101.9 WDET?

Each week, WDET hosts present a mix of music that is as unique as the city we serve. It’s because they know that our listeners have a deep appreciation for a diversity of music. 

We take pride in being a local radio station where show hosts take the time to dig for and curate hand-picked music. So, let us know. Is there an artist, album or song that one of them helped you discover?

Maybe it was your latest driveway moment with Chris Campbell on The Progressive Underground or a the moment where you danced in the mirror to Ismael Ahmed’s This Island Earth.

Tell your favorite WDET host below! We will soon be using your stories to celebrate music on WDET.