Created Equal Podcast 03. Of Prison and Politics

“Nixon has one question, and one question only… ‘Is this a black business?'”


Being “tough on crime” is politically popular. But does it make communities safer?

In 1971 a prison uprising in New York state opened the door for President Richard Nixon and Governor Nelson Rockefeller to push for harsh drug laws with lasting repercussions.

Co-hosts Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber-Davis speak with University of Michigan professor and author of “Blood in the Water”, Heather Ann Thompson, about the Attica prison uprising. And we hear some of the personal story of writer Shaka Senghor, who was forced into a life of crime in the 1980s that led him to serve many years in prison. 

You can hear more of Shaka Senghor’s story through WDET podcast Twisted Storytellers.

Blood In The Water