Nolan Finley: Democrats Could “Coopt,” Work with Trump

Finley and Stephen Henderson discuss whether a fractured GOP in Washington D.C. can govern effectively.

Nolan Finley smiles in front of the WDET logo

Nolan Finley in WDET's studios, Dec. 2, 2016.

Nolan Finley

This week Donald Trump declared political war on a faction of his own party, The Freedom Caucus. Trump blames the conservative group for the failure of the GOP health care proposal.

Now he says he will try to have them replaced in primary elections in 2018. Trump has also said he wants to negotiate with Democrats on future legislation, though House Speaker Paul Ryan has been resistant to that idea.  

Detroit News editorial page editor Nolan Finley joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today.

When talking about the state of the Republican Party, Finley believes the Republican Party is currently at least two parties.

“Republicans are a majority in name only,” he says.

Finely says conservatives who think Trump will push the Republican agenda are wrong.

“I think the opportunity here for Democrats is if they could get over their hysteria,” he says, “they could coopt this guy. I think they could work with him.”

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