“Pints & Postcards” Parties Aim To Increase Political Action

Organizer creates a “How To” for community advocacy events

Postcards and Pints Detroit 1/26/17 from Diane Cheklich on Vimeo.


After the massive, international Women’s March on January 21st, many marchers were left wondering “What now?” How does something like the Women’s March turn that momentum into a political movement with influence?

Many people throughout the country are holding in-home meetings to potentially begin working in one direction. One local group of women thought they’d turn the work of having a political voice into an enjoyable gathering. It’s called “Pints and Postcards” — pairing the practice of letter writing to elected officials with a casual drink with friends.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with “Pints and Postcards” co-founder Jill Proctor.

“It was like people were just waiting for someone to do something,” says Proctor, who launched the first Pints event at Atwater in Detroit. She says after the Women’s March she knew she wanted give motivated people a space to put their passion to action. 

“Here’s an action, and here’s a way you can connect with other people.”

The Pints event has caught a wave and expanded with more local events, and branching out into other cities and states.

Proctor has created a road map for people interested in hosting their own “Pints and Postcards” event, which you can find here.



To hear more from Proctor on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.



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