School Reform Office Releases List of Schools to Close [MAP]

State identifies 38 schools to close, releases 79 from priority schools list.

The State School Reform Office released its lists of schools targeted for closure or other action today. The SRO has identified 38 schools that have performed in the bottom five percent of Michigan schools for three years or more.

Natasha Baker is the state’s School Reform Officer. She said no schools identified for closure should be surprised.

“When teachers and leaders are seeing this information from us they’ve seen it long before the SRO has made an announcement,” Baker said. “This is not a surprise to school teachers, school leaders or school district superintendents.” 

The SRO’s list of 38 schools that may be closed this year include 16 in the Detroit Public Schools Community District, eight from the Educational Achievement Authority and two Pontiac schools.

Zoom and click on the school icon to see the school name, district and address:

Aimee McKeever is the president of the Pontiac Education Association. She said state leaders are putting the emphasis on the wrong things.

“I’m so disappointed in our legislators that have dictated that a test score puts us on a list,” McKeever said. “And you’re telling this community your school is no good because you didn’t achieve a test score. How dare they.”

The School Reform Office has also identified “priority schools” which have performed in the bottom five percent as well as schools which have  improved enough to be removed from the priority schools list. 

“This shows that this work can be done,” Baker said. “Schools can be identified in the bottom five and turnaround as evidenced by the 79 schools that are being released from priority school status today. It’s the most the SRO has ever released.”

Baker says closure notices have already been issued to affected schools. She says the School Reform Office considers whether there is a “high performing” school for students in the area before closing existing schools. 


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