What’s On The Agenda For Detroit’s City Council in 2017?

Councilman James Tate joins Detroit Today to talk about the council’s priorities moving forward.

Jake Neher/WDET

With a new year brings new issues for public officials to deal with here in Detroit. In 2017, city officials may have to take a hard look at Detroit’s voting system after problems in the November Election. We’ll have a new streetcar system traveling along Woodward Avenue — which drivers will have to get used to. And the Gordie Howe Bridge project could begin to take shape, which will likely force hundreds of families in Delray to relocate.

What will be the big issues facing Detroit’s City Council next year? How will they approach these challenges?

Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson sits down with City Councilman James Tate, who represents District One, to talk about what’s on the table in 2017.

“To be honest with you… I’m not sure” what the answer is to fixing the voting system in Detroit, Tate says. “It’s really all new… We have not had an opportunity to really dig into it. Me personally… it’s stressful.”

Tate says boosting economic activity in his own districts tops his priority list for 2017.

“The top item for me is to really infuse life into our commercial corridors in District One,” says Tate. “Number two is just to continue to be accessible to members of the community.”

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