Know Your Candidates: Dr. Howard Klausner

Republican Klausner is challenging incumbent Brenda Lawrence for the 14th Congressional District Seat.

Klausner for Congress

Dr. Howard Klausner is the Republican candidate running against Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Southfield). He is an emergency medicine doctor at Henry Ford Hospital. Klausner’s platform includes firm stances about the national debt, healthcare, and the economy.

He spoke with WDET’s Bre’Anna Tinsley about the changes he would like to see if he wins a seat in Congress.

“When [voters] are in the voting booth and they see the names on the list they should think to themselves, ‘Are you satisfied with the direction we are going in today?’ And if the answer is you’re satisfied with the direction we’re going in now — the loss of manufacturing jobs, rising federal deficit, not standing up for democracy around the world — if those issues don’t bother you or you agree with our current way…then I would say don’t vote for me because I want to change all three of those things.”

—Dr. Howard Klausner, Republican Candidate for 14th Congressional District