Michigan Money: Which Presidential Candidates Are Getting It? [MAPS, CHARTS]

More dollars given to Democrats, Sanders outpaces Trump in campaign contributions in the state through August.

A slim majority of Michigan money given to presidential candidates has gone to Democrats, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission data.

Contributions from Michigan residents made by the end of August – the latest available data – totaled $11.7 million. Of that, about $6.0 million went to Democratic candidates and about $5.6 million to Republicans. Nationally, 26 states have had a majority of contributions to Republican candidates.

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Among the individual candidates, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is the top fundraiser in Michigan, collecting $4.0 million, followed by former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders with $2.0 million and Republican Nominee Donald Trump with $1.1 million.

Source: Federal Election Commission

Nationally, Clinton has raised the most money among individual candidates in 43 states. In the others, Trump leads in Mississippi and North Dakota, and Sanders raised the most of all presidential candidates in Alaska, Oregon and Vermont. Former candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich each raised the most in their home states of Texas and Ohio respectively.

The FEC requires presidential candidates to file monthly statements. The next update on fec.gov will include campaign finance information through September.

Among the findings in the current data:

  • Michigan had more than 118,000 individual donations to presidential candidates this election cycle, with an average donation of $99.
  • The earliest Michigan donation this presidential election cycle was from the Ford Motor Company Civic Action Fund, which gave $2,500 to Republican candidate Rand Paul in September 2014.
  • Bernie Sanders, who won the Michigan primary in March but ran second to Clinton nationally, raised close to double what Trump did from Michigan residents. Through August, Sanders had received $2.0 to Trump’s $1.1 million.
  • The average amount contributed per Michigan resident was $1.18, which was 37th among the states, calculated from total contributions and state population. New York was highest at $5.93 per resident, while Mississippi was the lowest at 68 cents.
  • Nationally, Michigan had the smallest Democratic majority of contributions by percentage points

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