Greening of Detroit Inspires Students to Consider Careers in Agriculture

The Greening of Detroit is teaching students about forest management.

Greening of Detroit

More than 180 Detroit students are returning from a three-day trip in the Northern Lower Peninsula to learn about forest management. The group is employed through the Greening of Detroit. The non-profit’s Green Corp program is designed to get youth interested in environmental careers.

Spokesperson Trish Hubbell says the goal of the trip was to expose the students to green-related jobs outside of urban areas.

“They learned about trees and tree planting. You know some of the forestry management standards. They went to the hardwood lumber mill and learned about the different utilization of some of those products,” Hubbell says.

Hubble says almost 90 percent of students from the program go on to college with either partial or full scholarships.

She says several students major in environmental, science, or agricultural fields. 


  • Bre'Anna Tinsley
    Bre'Anna Tinsley is a reporter for Detroit Public Radio, 101.9 WDET. She covers city government and housing, as well as co-hosting the "Detroit Evening Report" podcast.