Know Your Congressional District: Michigan’s 13th

Who are the voters, candidates in the 13th Congressional Primary?


Melissa Mason

WDET is examining the candidates and issues in the 2016 elections. You can find interviews with the candidates, information about the voters in the district and previous elections results below.

Two Democrats and one Republican will be on the August primary ballot, seeking a spot in the November general election.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) won the seat in 2014. The boundaries of the district were changed after 2010.

Michigan’s 13th Congressional District now includes an area stretching from Detroit to Highland Park to Garden City.




About the Candidates


Jeff Gorman (Garden City)

Jeff Gorman for US Congress


Jeff Gorman did not return WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire.



(Incumbent) John Conyers  (Detroit)

John Conyers for Congress

Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo/WDET



Hear John Conyers talk about why he’s running for Congress.


Hear John Conyers talk about why his experience makes him a good choice for the 13th District.


John Conyers did not return WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire.



Janice Winfrey 

Janice Winfrey for Congress

Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo/WDET


Hear how Janice Winfrey will address the needs of the 13th District.


Here are Janice Winfrey’s responses to WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire.


About the Voters

Population 693,926
Age Distribution: 20-34 21%
Age Distribution: 35-59 33%
Age Distribution: 60 and older 18%

White: 37.4%

Black: 56%

American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.4%

Asian: 1.2% Some other race: 2.6%

Two or more: 2.4%

Hispanic or Lation: 6.7%

Foreign-Born 6.3%
Education Level

Less than high school graduate: 19.2%

High school graduation 33.7%

Some college or associate’s degree: 33.4%

Bachelor’s degree: 8.8%

Graduate degree: 4.9%

Previous Congressional Election Results

2014 General Election 

Jeff Gorman (R) – 16.31%

John Conyers (D) – 79.49%

2012 General Election

Harry Sawicki (R) 13.64%

John Conyers (D) – 82.79%


Michigan’s 13th Congressional District has only existed in its present shape since the 2012 election. It was redrawn based on the 2000 U.S. Census.