Know Your Congressional District: Michigan’s 14th

Who are the voters, candidates in the 14th Congressional Primary?


Graphic by Melissa Mason

Three Democrats and one Republican will be on the August ballot, seeking a spot in the November general.

 Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Southfield) won the seat in 2014 after Congressman Gary Peters became Senator Gary Peters. Named one of the most gerrymandered districts in the country, Michigan’s 14th includes neighborhoods with some of the lowest and highest incomes in the state. 

Two of Lawrence’s competitors believe her years of experience as a politician may have hindered her from making sure that the people come before the politics. Listen to WDET’s Bre’Anna Tinsley’s report on why candidates Terrance Morrison and Vanessa Moss feel they are better suited for the job.


About the Candidates




Howard Klausner (Southfield) 

Klausner for Congress

Howard Klausner did not return WDET’s candidate questionnaire.






(Incumbent) Brenda Lawrence (Southfield) 

Brenda Lawrence for Congress

Hear Brenda Lawrence talk about why she’s running for Congress

Hear Brenda Lawernce talk about why her years of experience makes her the best choice for the 14th District.

Here are Brenda Lawrence’s responses to WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire

Terrance Morrison (West Bloomfield)

Terrance Morrison for Congress

Bre’Anna Tinsley/WDET

Hear Terrance Morrison talk about why he’s running for Congress.

Hear Terrance Morrison talk about what he believes are the biggest issues facing the 14th District.

Here are Terrance Morrison’s Responses to WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire

Vanessa Moss (Southfield) 

Committee to Elect Vanessa Moss

Vanessa Moss For Congress

Hear Vanessa Moss talk about why she’s running for Congress. 

Hear Vanessa Moss on what changes she would like to make in the 14th District.

Vanessa Moss did not return WDET’s Candidate Questionnaire.

About the Voters

Demographics of the 14th Congressional District
Population 698,206
Age Distribution: 20-34 20%
Age Distribution: 35-59  34%
Age Distribution: 60 and older 20%

White: 34.2%

Black: 57.3%

American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.3%

Asian: 4.2%

Some other race: 1.1%

Two or more: 2.9%

Hispanic or Latino: 4.6% 

Foreign-Born 10%
Education Level

Less than high school graduate:  14.5%

High school graduate: 25.4%

Some college or associate’s degree: 30.6%

Bachelor’s degree: 16.2%

Graduate or professional degree: 13.2%

Source: 2014 American Community Survey, 5-year estimates


Previous Congressional Election Results

Michigan’s 14th Congressional District has only existed in its present shape since the 2012 election. It was redrawn based on the 2010 U.S. Census.

2014 General Election

Christina Barr (R) – 19.67%

Brenda Lawrence (D) – 77.79%

2012 General Election

John Hauler (R) – 15.63%

Gary Peters (D) – 82.26%