What Kind of GOP Convention Will Donald Trump Plan for Cleveland?

Tim Alberta of the National Review says Trump will likely plan a convention unlike we’ve ever seen.

GOP Convention, Flickr

In just a few short weeks, the two major political parties will whip-up as much excitement as possible around their presidential nominees.

The Democrats will have their convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. The week before that the Republicans will convene in Cleveland.

Even though Donald Trump has fired his embattled campaign manager and focused his message in the past week, his poll numbers against Hillary Clinton are bad and getting worse. He also received heat for taking a trip to Scotland to tout his golf course, and there are still rumblings that the GOP establishment may try to stop him from getting the nomination at the convention.

Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent for the National Review, says Trump’s net unfavorability is massive, perhaps even on a historic scale.

“It’s going to be very hard for him to engineer some mass reversal of his image in the next few months,” says Alberta.

Alberta tells Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson that despite Trump’s unpopularity, watchers shouldn’t count him or his campaign out. He says Trump’s campaign organizers will likely plan a convention in Cleveland unlike we’ve ever seen.

“They certainly do view the convention as… important, but Trump is an entertainer at heart,” says Alberta. “I don’t know if sheer entertainment value wins you any points politically.”

To hear the rest of Alberta’s conversation with Henderson on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.