Pontiac’s Post-Emergency Management Board Relinquishes Some Powers to Mayor, City Council

Pontiac exited emergency management in 2013, moving control to the city’s receivership transition advisory board.

Pontiac is slowly regaining control of its local government. The city’s mayor and city council will regain some authority previously held by Pontiac’s receivership transition advisory board. The city has been under emergency management since 2009. Michigan Treasury spokesperson Terry Stanton says, though the board is relinquishing some of its power, it will not dissolve.

“The board will meet as needed as opposed to meeting monthly, the board will meet as needed when a particular resolution or issue that the city council has passed or the mayor is supportive of.”

Terry Stanton, Michigan Department of Treasury

Stanton says the board will still need to approve or end contracts of more than $500,000, post-employment benefits, and collective bargaining contracts. He says there is currently no timeline to end the duties of the city’s receivership transition advisory board.


  • Eli Newman
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