What’s the Likelihood of a Contested Convention Happening in 2016?

Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich continue their efforts to take away would-be Trump delegates.

GOP Convention


Today Arizona and Utah voters go to the polls and caucuses and to pick their nominees for president. One of the big questions going into today’s primary is if Donald Trump can get the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination in time for the Republican National Convention.

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The tenacious Ted Cruz and John Kasich continue to claim delegates making it possible that there could be a contested convention. To find out what this all means Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson talked to Tim Alberta, chief political correspondent for the National Review, and Charles Spies, leader of Clark Hill’s political law practice

Alberta told Henderson that Trump is the favorite in Arizona but the potential for a big upset by Cruz is there since Arizona is a winner take all state. If Trump falls short of 1,237 delegates then it may lead to a contested convention. When asked what a contested convention would look like, Spies told Henderson, “I don’t think we know because it has been awhile since it happened.” Spies looked to 1976 when Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan went into the convention short on delegates and that they had to maneuver on the floor of the convention. This means that they attempt to sway the delegates that are not bound to the will of the voters. Spies said that in the next few months Trump and Cruz “will be very nice to these people.” 

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