McCarty: Marijuana Saved Me From My Alcoholism

Is medical pot something that can help treat alcoholism? A former Red Wing hockey player says yes.

Michael Hayball

Former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty has been fighting a well-documented battle against alcoholism for most of his adult life. After years of rehab and falling off the wagon, McCarty knew alcohol was winning.  Something would have to drastically change or he would be facing a death sentence. That is when McCarty began to use medical marijuana to treat his alcohol addiction.

The four-time Stanley Cup champ McCarty joins Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson for a conversation about substance abuse, healing, pain, failure and success. 

McCarthy says after years of failed attempts to quit drinking via rehab and therapy he began educating himself on the potential healing benefits of marijuana. Last year McCarty tried marijuana as a replacement for self-medicating through alcohol. And he says it’s worked well in his life.

“I’m speaking from my experience and what works for me,” he says. “I’ve gone to four rehabs… do I forget all that stuff [I learned in rehab]? No. But what worked for me might not work for other people.”

McCarthy says he succumbed to alcohol in part because of a genetic propensity to addiction.

“I’m an alcoholic and an addict because of my genetics,” McCarthy says. And he says while he used alcohol to dull pain, he has been able to function better as a person by treating both pain and alcoholism with marijuana. “This is something that I’m very passionate about and believe in.”

McCarthy also addresses the concussion controversy building in popular sports. He says widening hockey rinks is a possible way to increase the safety of players. “[Hockey rinks] used to be small, 185 feet by 185 feet… the Olympic ones are 200’ by 200’, that’s probably what they’ll go to.”

To hear more of their conversation on Medical Marijuana, click the link above.