Voters: A Wide Range of Factors Figure Into Decisions [VIDEO]

WDET asked some Michigan voters how they make decisions about their presidential picks. Here’s what they said.

Voters choose their candidates by political party affiliation, personality and other issues. 

WDET wanted to know what the “other issues” were, so we headed out to some campaign events and to an organizational meeting for the Citizens Climate Lobby.

In Ypsilanti at a Bernie Sanders appearance, we asked: “What political issues should the next U.S. president focus on?”

and “What is the connection between what happens in the White House and your community?”


At a John Kasich appearance in Macomb County, we asked “What should be the role of the next U.S. president?”

and “What is the relationship between the federal government and local government?”


A group of the environmentally conscious gathered in Detroit in February, so we asked “How can the next U.S. president influence what happens in your community?”


How well do these voters match what you think?


This feature was produced in partnership with the Ravitch Fiscal Reporting Program at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Learn more about this special project and explore all the content here.

  • Sandra Svoboda, special assignments manager
  • Melissa Mason, research assistant and graphics designer
  • Jessica McInchak, digital architect
  • Matthew Morley, videographer and photographer