New App Provides Flint Water Crisis Info

“Empower Flint” provides residents with news updates and nutritional tips on efforts to battle lead poisoning.

The Flint River in downtown Flint.

The Flint River in downtown Flint.

A new app provides health and nutrition tips to help fight lead absorption for Flint residents. “Empower Flint” was designed by Michigan State University Professor Brian Winn.

Winn says the app puts all the information on fighting lead in one place.

“You know, there is a lot of information on the web and things that we’ve seen through television and radio,” Winn says. “But we realized that a lot of the people in Flint aren’t necessarily receiving that information. And in talking with the residents in Flint it turned out a lot of actually have smart phones.”

Winn says the users can get information on where to find filters and water, as well as receive news updates on the Flint water crisis. “Empower Flint” is available for both Android and Apple devices.