Flint Head Start Programs Expand to Help Children Exposed to Lead

The US Department of Health and Human Services is granting $3.6 million to Head Start programs in Flint.

The US Department of Health and Human Services is expanding Head Start and Early Head Start programs in Flint to accommodate children exposed to lead. A one-time emergency fund of three-point-six million dollars will pay for the expansion.  

Doctor Blanca Enriquez is the Director of Head Start. She says the money will help open additional classrooms and lengthen the school year by three weeks.

“The head start agencies will also enhance services, number one to increase the intensity of behavioral health services…nutrition services and health services provided to already enrolled students,” Enriquez says. 

Enriquez says the fund will help increase parent education activities dealing with lead poisoning. She says the money will also be used to provide families with home visits and transportation to pick up food and water