Michigan’s Presidential Primaries: What to Know on March 8

You don’t have to belong to a party to vote, but you can only pick one ballot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Secretary Johnson’s spokesperson Fred Woodhams says she made an error on the delegates. Republican delegates are awarded proportionally based on the percentage of votes each candidate receives, not “winner-take-all”.–PB


Michigan’s presidential primary ballots will have more candidates on them than are actually running. Several people have dropped out of the race since the ballots were printed, and more could leave the campaign, depending on how the March 1 “Super Tuesday” elections play out. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson tells WDET’s Pat Batcheller it’s too late to produce up-to-date ballots. She also says voters must pick either a Republican or Democratic party ballot, but do not have to be members of either party to participate. Click on the audio player to hear the conversation.

For more information about Michigan’s presidential primaries on March 8, here’s the Secretary of State’s elections web site.

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