Flint City Council Demands for Full Powers to be Restored

The Flint City Council is asking Governor Rick Snyder to restore all powers to the city’s legislative body.


The Flint City Council is demanding Governor Rick Snyder restore all powers to the council.

The members wrote a letter to Snyder last week making the request.

Council Member Wantwaz Davis says the council, not the state, should be the body making the legislative decisions for the City of Flint.

“The state has come in and became dictators. Because now you have elected people in office who cannot do what they chose and desired to do for the people. In which the people elected to do,” Davis says. 

Davis says if powers were restored, the first thing he would like to do is issue subpoenas for everyone involved in the Flint water crisis. He says the City Council has yet to hear from the governor.