A look at the week’s news with WDIV’s, Devin Scillian

Devin Scillian and Stephen Henderson, discuss the latest in Detroit and presidential politics

WDIV news anchor, Devin Scillian, joins host Stephen Henderson, on Detroit Today to wrap up this week’s top news stories. Scillian and Henderson touched upon Thursday’s Republican Presidential debate, the surprising comments that former Detroit mayor, Dave Bing made about the awarding of city contracts and Bing’s belief that Detroit is one incident away from being another Ferguson. Here are a few of the points made during the conversation.


Debates: Henderson says that the endless Republican debates have turned into something unprecedented in politics. “Every week it seems that these guys get on stage and basically have a wrestling match in front of the country.”


Bing: Scillian says that the former mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, doesn’t believe that everyone capable of helping to rebuild Detroit are being given a fair shot. “[Bing] believes that a lot of minority contractors and developers are on the outside looking in at the ‘New Detroit’,” says Scillian.


Compromise: Scillian says that the main criticism of, in his words, “the three ‘anger’ candidates (Trump, Sanders, and Cruz),” is that they make a lot of promises about pushing their policies through that may not work in office. “You can’t do it without compromise, you end up at the risk of being at the speed of the slowest ship,” he says.


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