ANTHONY “SHAKE” SHAKIR to appear on this weekend’s The Progressive Underground, Sunday, February 28, 8 pm on 101.9 WDET

We interview techno legend ANTHONY “SHAKE” SHAKIR and bump the best in deep house future soul and rare grooves….

Frictional Recordings

On this weekend’s The Progressive Underground, we interview techno legend ANTHONY “SHAKE” SHAKIR and sample some of this extensive discography while chopping it up about who will talk about his role in helping to shape the early sound of electronic music through his collaborations with Juan Atkins, Claude Young, Carl Craig and others as well as his tenure as the A & R rep for the legendary electronic music label Metroplex.  We also play classics from Shake’s music discography and his own label Frictional Recordings and play our usual mix of deep house, techno, future soul, nu-jazz, b-sides and rare grooves. 

We go from 8-11 pm EST on 101.9 WDET and, this Sunday, February 28.  


Detroit producer Anthony “Shake” Shakir is one of the more underrecognized, underappreciated names in American techno. A producer since 1981, Shake had an important role in helping shape the early Motor City sound associated with artists such as Juan Atkins / Model 500 and Derrick May.  He worked with May and Carl Craig as a producer, writer, or engineer on several early tracks on Metroplex, and worked in management and A&R for the label (as well, he’s often joked, as being the janitor) during its formative years. 

His first solo material appeared on Virgin’s seminal Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit compilation with ‘Sequence 10’. Known as something of a techno purist, Shake has distanced himself from the European scene many of his colleagues have turned to for support (this accounts somewhat for his continuing obscurity), and his music is stylistically closer to second wave artists such as “Mad Mike” Banks and Claude Young — hard, stripped-down tracks which owe equally to techno, electro, hip-hop, and funk. 
Shake’s visibility and reputation have risen in more recent years as a result of his Frictional and Puzzlebox labels, the latter of which he formed in 1996 with fellow Detroit electro / techno producer Keith Tucker (formerly of Aux 88). Releasing a series of records both solo and in combination (usually under the name Da Sampla), Shake and Tucker’s Puzzlebox Records has, along with Underground Resistance and Guidance Recordings, become one of the more coveted sources of straight-up, no-bones Detroit techno.