Michigan’s Automation Alley Wants to Go Head to Head With Silicon Valley

SE MI organization surveys CEO’s from both areas and finds growth here and a few perks that SV doesn’t offer

Southeast Michigan’s Automation Alley is beefing up its efforts to compete with California’s Silicon Valley. Automation Alley is a consortium of about 1000 tech companies located in SE Michigan. As part of its branding effort, a new survey of CEO’s from both Michigan and Silicon Valley, shows Michigan has a few unique incentives that may be attractive to companies and prospective employees. WDET’s Amy Miller spoke with Automation Alley Chief Operating Officer Tom Kelly about what the survey of 150 tech company executives revealed.


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  • Amy Miller
    Amy has been working in public and commercial radio for the last 30 yrs. She is an award winning reporter and news anchor, born and raised in Detroit.