State School Reform with Chastity Dawsey

Bridge Magazine reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey speaks with head of the state’s School Reform Office.

The State School Reform Office is responsible for turning around Michigan’s failing school districts. Chastity Pratt Dawsey, the education reporter with Bridge Magazine, speaks with Natasha Baker of the State School Reform Office. Here are a few of the topics they touched upon:


Performance: Baker says that the charge of the State School Reform Office is to rescue Michigan’s lowest performing schools. “Our mission is to turn priority schools to the highest performing schools in the state,” Baker says.


EAA: Previously, Michigan’s Education Achievement Authority (EAA) was responsible for the state’s failing schools, but now it falls under the State School Reform office.


Bottom 5%: The point of finding who is in the bottom five percent of schools statewide is “not just to identify [struggling kids], but to find who is struggling…we need to know who those kids are, what schools they’re attending, so we can put them on track,” Baker says.


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