NPR’s Don Gonyea, Previews the New Hampshire Primary

Former WDET Staffer & NPR’s National Political Correspondent, Don Gonyea, breaks down the New Hampshire Primary

Today is the New Hampshire primary, where for the first time during this Presidential campaign, Americans will be casting their ballot for the candidate of their choice; in either the Democratic or Republican primary.  There is intrigue in each primary:


For the Democrats, will New Hampshire give their neighbor, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a landslide victory, further eroding into the one time enormous national lead, that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton had in the polls or can Hillary close the huge gap between her and Sanders in New Hampshire and restore some momentum into her campaign and stability into to her floundering popularity?  


On the Republican side, where do we begin?  Will Donald Trump win and if is does, will he again have the inside track into the nomination?  Can Marco Rubio, rebound from Saturday’s robotic debate performance to make a strong showing in New Hampshire? Can John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie capitalize on Rubio’s debate stumble and how well will Detroit’s own, Ben Carson do, is Dr. Carson’s campaign on life support and where will Iowa caucus winner, Sen.Ted Cruz, finish? New Hampshire is not conservative Iowa.  


NPR’s National Political Correspondent and former WDET staffer, Don Gonyea, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, where he’s on the ground in New Hampshire, to offer his insights on the New Hampshire primary and his life on the campaign trail.


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*Thirty years ago last Saturday, was Don’s first day at WDET.*