GM and UAW Donate $3M to United Way of Genesee County

The money will be used to help fund for children who were poisoned by Flint’s lead contaminated water.

Matt Morley

General Motors and the United Auto Workers have partnered with the United Way of Genesee County to fight lead poisoning in children affected by the Flint Water Crisis. 

GM and the UAW have presented a gift of three million dollars to help develop nutritional and educational programs for the children.

Jamie Gaskin is the CEO of the United Way of Genesee County. He says the organization has had a partnership with GM and the UAW for decades.

You know as Flint being really the birth place of General Motors, You know both UAW and GM wanted to make a significant contribution to try and improve the outcomes for children in Genesee County.” Gaskin says. 

Gaskin says the gift will compliment other funds being raised in the community.

He says United Way is also working to raise 100 million dollars to help the children in Flint. 


  • Bre'Anna Tinsley
    Bre'Anna Tinsley is a reporter for Detroit Public Radio, 101.9 WDET. She covers city government and housing, as well as co-hosting the "Detroit Evening Report" podcast.