A Vermonter’s View of Bernie Sanders

A former Detroiter and long time Vermonter, David Goldsworhty, on being represented by Senator Sanders.

What’s in like in Vermont with the state’s U.S. Senator running for president?

Detroiter David Goldsworthy, who has lived in Vermont for 25 years, joins Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson to describe his experience as one of Bernie Sanders’s constituents and what the Bernie vs. Hillary law sign battle looks like.

Sanders is vying for the Democratic nomination for President, but he has been an Independent for most of his elected life. The Senator from Vermont, who also served as a Congressman and mayor (of Burlington).

Has being an Independent lessened the Senator’s impact in Congress, which is divided along bi-partisan lines?

No, Goldworthy says. “He has actually been tremendously effective,” he says. “It’s amazing the feelings people have about him, whether they agree with his politics or not. There is tremendous respect for his integrity. Support for him here is really quite overwhelming.”

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