“Brown is the New White” Author Talks About the New American Majority.

Author Steve Phillips says Democrats waste millions chasing white swing voters

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are now more children under age five who are minorities rather than white. That means in just a few short years the voting population of the United States could mean a minority-majority. Because of this shift in the way voters look, slowly but surely, so too are politics and politicians changing. These are the issues dealt with in the book “Brown Is The New White” by author Steve Phillips.  Phillips is also the the co-founder of PowerPAC.org, a social justice organization involved in voter mobilization.

Phillips joins Sandra Svoboda to talk about the new political reality.

“The country has changed dramatically from the 1960s until now,” says Phillips. “There is a new majority in the U.S. that can drive U.S. politics.” He says he wrote the book because he is concerned that politicians are still working too hard for a shrinking population of white voters, rather than seeking to appeal to voters of color.