The Inside of An Iowa Caucus

Kent Mauck, an Iowa Caucus-goer says it’s more of a neighborhood get-together than a hardcore political event.

Kent Mauck

Every four years the word caucus enters into our political conversation. Monday’s Iowa Caucuses officially kicked off the Presidential Campaign because people were finally voting.  But, do we have any better idea of what is a caucus, do we really know what goes on when people come together and caucus? Is it a tense filled atmosphere or is it more of a party mood, where neighbors get together and talk a little politics?  Kent Mauck, is a Des Moines resident and a long time caucus goer.  Last night, Kent, signed in Caucus goers as they entered the caucus site – a local junior high school.  He and his wife caucused for Hillary Clinton, while their daughter, who is away at college also caucused Monday night, caucused for Bernie Sanders. Mauck joins host Stephen Henderson to talk about the night’s events.