Iowa Caucuses are Next Week

Political Reporter Chad Livengood talks about the political atmosphere in Iowa pre-causus.


The Iowa Caucuses are the starting point of the 2016 presidential election, and they are next week. As Iowans prepare to pick their primary candidates it’s still pretty unclear who the favorites are. Donald Trump is still making news — lately for rejecting a debate opportunity because he doesn’t like the moderator — but no pollsters appear confident his supporters will show up on primary day. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has been gaining ground and creating what appears to be a tight race with Hillary Clinton. Detroit News political reporter Chad Livengood joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, from Iowa .



Candidate Picks: Livengood talked to many different people who were going to vote Republican, and a lot of them were on the fence, even as they attended a candidate’s event. “That reflects a cross section of the Republican party right now, there’s a deep division right now,” Livengood says.

Primaries: Livengood says that while Iowa is the important starting mark of the election cycle, “New Hampshire is going to make or break the hopes of some of these Republican establishment candidates.”

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