Snyder to Issue Executive Order on Michigan Infrastructure

Executive order would require MDOT to cooperate with local governments and utilities during road fixes.

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Pivoting from the Flint Water Crisis during this year’s State of the State Address, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder made a pledge to confront the state’s aging infrastructure. Snyder says he will issue an executive order that would require the Michigan Department of Transportation to confer with local governments and utilities during new road projects. He says it’s the best opportunity to replace old pipes under the roads. MDOT spokesperson Jeff Cranson says the agency is prepared for the policy.

“The director has sent the message throughout the organization, to the top engineers in planning and design and to the people in the regions that are working on projects that says, ‘Now I know that you’ve been good partners with the locals in the past but I want you to really amp that up.’”

Jeff Cranson, Michigan Department of Transportation

Snyder says there are pipes underneath Michigan roads that are over 100 years old, with some made of wood and lead. Michigan’s infrastructure recieved a ‘D’ ranking from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The governor says he will also establish a Commission for 21st Century Infrastructure that will look at investments in water, sewer, transportation, and broadband.


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