Bob Woodward Discovers that Nixon had more Secrets, Deceptions and Obsessions

Alexander Butterfield was the man that brought down the Nixon Administration, Woodward’s new book reveals why

Journalist and Editor at The Washington Post, Bob Woodward, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to discuss his new book, The Last of the President’s Men  and to reflect upon the presidency of Richard M. Nixon.  Woodward tells Stephen that Alexander Butterfield, the subject of the book, was the aide that exposed the secret White House taping system, which ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation.  Butterfield has never told his story before and when Woodward asked him if he had any documents from his time as an aide, he replied, “a few.”  It turns out that Butterfield had 20 boxes of documents, which added another layer to the complexities of the man, Richard M. Nixon. In short, Woodward was astounded that Nixon always seemed preoccupied with the little stuff, that had zero bearing on his presidency and was obsessed with public opinion, which is why he continued the ineffective bombing campaign of North Vietnam. 

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