Detroit One Step Closer to Finalizing Medical Marijuana Zoning

Detroit City Council will hold a public hearing of the zoning ordinance on December 17th.

Laws governing medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit are one step closer to being finalized. The Detroit City Council will hold a public hearing next month on a proposed zoning ordinance. The measure would create a 1,000-foot buffer zone between Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers and other spaces such as churches, liquor stores, and schools. Detroit City Councilmember James Tate says regulation is necessary to control the location of dispensaries in the city.

There’s a lot of space, a lot of area. Even though there may be both of 3,000 parcels that are potentially available for them to be located, some of them are occupied. That creates a situation if a building is already occupied, clearly you can’t go there, so you have to go and find that next available location.

James Tate​, Detroit City Council Member for District 1

According to a report from Loveland Technologies, there are more than 150 marijuana dispensaries operating in Detroit. That’s more than one for every square mile of city. The public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance of Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers will be held on December 17th.


  • Eli Newman
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