Representative Candice Miller on Her Legacy in Congress and What’s Next

Michigan Congresswomen Candice Miller speaks with Stephen Henderson about her 13 years in Washington D.C. Miller serves on the Homeland Security Committee, House Administration Committee and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Miller announced earlier this year that she will not seek re-election. She and Stephen discuss several topics:

  • On Gridlock in D.C.  Miller says she’d like to think that she has a lot of common sense and she uses that to deal with people. She says it’s important that people can talk to and connect with one another in order to get things done.


  • On Finding a Speaker  Miller says the process of finding a new Speaker of the House has been “historic, interesting and jaw dropping at some points” She says she wasn’t shocked when Speaker Boehner stepped down because she believes he knew that he did not have enough votes to keep his position


  • On New Speaker   Miller says when Boehner resigned the Republicans in the House thought Kevin McCarthy would ascend to the position because he had plenty of Republican support but he did not think he could get the 218 votes required by the full body to win election


  • On Leaving D.C.  Miller says when she first went to Congress she expected to be there six to eight years but she says “it’s addictive” and once she was settled on her committees she felt that she needed to continue the work that was started. She says she finally decided she wanted to “…come home to Michigan”


Stephen asks Miller if she plans to run for Governor of Michigan. Listen to the audio link to find out more!