Intense Toledo Mayoral Race Leaves Status Quo

Ohio Politics Comes to a Head on Election Day

What happened in the interesting and bizarre Toledo mayoral race? What about Ohio’s marijuana push? Host Stephen Henderson talks with Toledo Blade reporter Ignazio Messina about Ohio’s election issues.

  • Pot: Voters ultimately voted down Ohio’s Prop. 3, which would have legalized medical and recreational pot. But the terms of the legislation (which would have given ten individuals a monopoly on production,) might have turned voters off. “I don’t think they rejected pot so much as they rejected the monopoly aspect of the issue,” Messina says.
  • Mayor Race: The mayoral race in Toledo started after the sudden and tragic death of then-mayor D. Michael Collins. “This was the first time in a century where a sitting mayor died in office,” Messina says, which revealed that the successor would be chosen by general election.
  • Election: In the upcoming presidential election, Ohio is considered an example of how an election will swing. “Ohio is the battleground state…where we’re going to wage the presidential war,” Messina says.

To hear more of Stephen’s conversation with Messina, click the link above.