Implementing a Viable Roads Plan

How will Republicans and Democrats agree upon a concrete roads plan for Michigan?


Sandra Svoboda

Rick Pluta, capitol bureau chief of Michigan Public Radio Network, explains on Detroit Today why the roads plan must come to a collaborative conclusion in the near future. 

The Process: Pluta says the road plan is progressing slowly and putting a hold on other time-sensitive issues such as the improvement of education. He says that as a result of this perceived deadline, there is pressure to “declare victory and leave the field of battle” when it comes to fixing the roads. 

Partisan Solutions: One caller asks why there cannot be a bipartisan solution for implementing taxes that will contribute to roads funds. Pluta explains that people are not happy about having to pay an extra $40 or $50 in car registration fees, a part of one of the current proposals. He adds that Senate Republicans are wary to make that move and risk losing their constituency.