Michigan Passes A New Reading Requirement for Third Graders

Under a new law, if Michigan third graders cannot read on their own, they will be held back

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Jennifer Lewis, Assistant Professor in the Division of Teacher Education at Wayne State University, about the new reading requirement for Michigan’s third graders.


Performance: Lewis says that while many different education researchers are in disagreement, “this is one of the few area where there is a consensus. Ninety-five percent of children who are held back do not perform better academically.”


Dropouts: Lewis also says that the dropout rate in high school are affected by this number. “Seventy-eight percent of dropouts from high school were children who were [held back] earlier,” Lewis says.


Reading: One caller suggested that teaching appreciation and love for reading could help improve this number. “A love of reading really cannot be taught. A love for reading needs to be nurtured.” the caller says.


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